CHERNOBYL - A trip to the past

If only we could change the past or witness the events that changed the world...

Is it possible to change fate?

Travel back in time to see if you can alter the situation that seemed hopeless.


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  • What happened in Chernobyl?
  • Less riddles, more exploration!
  • Difficulty 3 of 5!
  • Can you change fate?

A group photo at the end of the game! If possible, also a short video of you playing!

Not included

Teamfoto am Ende des Spiels!

Duration1 Hour
ParticipantsSpectators free of charge
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Important information

Please be 5-10 minutes early.You'll get a short introduction on how to use the virtual reality gear.

If possible, don't tie your hair up in a high ponytail, wear big glasses or make-up.

You cannot play under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol.


We are located on the ground floor at Nußdorfer Str. 74
Virtual Escape
Nußdorfer Str. 74, Wien, Österreich
U6, Tram 37, 38

Offered by

Virtual Escape Wien 1090
1090 - Vienna

Further information

The adventure is available for 2-8 players and happens during the meltdown in Chernobyl.



If only we could change the past, or witness the events that altered the world... Is it possible to change fate?

Travel back in time to see if you can change the situation from which, it seemed, there was no way out. What happened in the night of the accident? What happened afterwards? Find answers to questions that have remained unanswered until now.

The ghost town of Chernobyl can tell you its story... a story which cost lives. A disaster that still affects us today...


How it works:

You can interact with almost every object in the game, analyse and decide what you need to solve the riddles!

For this adventure, you battle in a virtual world, entering via the HTC VIVE PRO wireless.

Trust us, there's an enormous adventure waiting for you!

The adventure is available for 2-8 players.


Buckle up and start playing!

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